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The BlackHawk ISIS source code product (BH-ISIS) is an enhanced, scalable, and easily extended implementation of the "Intermediate System to Intermediate System" (IS-IS) Link State routing protocol, suitable for use in an IP environment.

This modular multi-thread safe code effortlessly offers multiple instance (virtual router) capability and is easily integrated with other source to provide efficient high function ISIS support on your platform. The code natively supports the standard two-level ISIS model, but was designed for easy extension to more levels with minimal modification. Its modular multi-thread safe nature permits completely independent operation of each protocol instance, starting/reconfiguring/restarting/stopping/killing one instance with no impact on another; with the recent addition of the graceful restart capability (draft-ietf-isis-restart), one may now transparently upgrade BH-ISIS software in a live network (subject, of course, to the capabilities of the rest of your platform).

BH-ISIS is optimized for an IP environment, although it could be extended to support an ISO CLNS environment with relatively minor modification.

In addition to the base protocol, numerous IETF extensions (see References, below) are incorporated, including

  • Graceful Restart
  • Mesh Groups
  • Three-way P2P Handshake
  • Domain-wide Prefix Distribution
  • Crypto Authentication
  • Optional Checksum
  • Dynamic Host Name Exchange
  • ...

The BH-ISIS product includes the source code, software license, documentation and technical support. Maintenance and subscription services are also available.

  • ISO/IEC 10589, "...Intermediate System to Intermediate System Intra-Domain Routing Information Exchange Protocol..."
  • RFC 1195, "Use of OSI IS-IS for Routing in TCP/IP and Dual Environments"
  • RFC 2763, "Dynamic Hostname Exchange Mechanism for IS-IS"
  • RFC 2966, "Domain-wide Prefix Distribution with Two-Level IS-IS"
  • RFC 2973, "IS-IS Mesh Groups"
  • RFC 3358, "Optional Checksums in Intermediate System to Intermediate System (ISIS)"
  • RFC 3373, "Three-Way Handshake for Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Point-to-Point Adjacencies"
  • RFC 3567, "Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Cryptographic Authentication"
  • draft-ietf-isis-restart, "Restart signaling for IS-IS"
  • draft-ietf-isis-iso-interoperable, "Recommendations for Interoperable Networks using IS-IS"
  • draft-ietf-isis-ip-interoperable, "Recommendations for Interoperable IP Networks using IS-IS"
  • draft-ietf-isis-traffic, "IS-IS extensions for Traffic Engineering"

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