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Routing Table

The BlackHawk Routing Table source code product (BH-RTAB) provides an easily ported Routing Table Subsystem (manager with open-ended set of route tries) which offers multiple independent instances of an efficient and sophisticated multi-protocol multi-path route table. It works hand-in-glove with a flexible RouteMap adjunct (BH-RMAP) to permit highy customized inter-protocol route redistribution.

Although BH-RTAB/BH-RMAP works with the BlackHawk series of protocol software, it is independent of any particular protocol source and stands alone as a separate product which may interoperate via the APIs with any arbitrary protocol code.

The well defined and high function API set makes for simple and straightforward integration with any number of (current and future) routing protocols. The code operates natively as a central decision point, keeping best and alternate lists for each route from among candidates proposed by different protocols and making efficient choices as paths are added/modified/deleted, but it may also be utilized in an environment where the decision process is distributed and external to the route table.

BH-RTAB Highlights:

  • Multiple independent instances/virtual routers
  • Multiple equal cost next hops
  • Multiple protocols
  • Route redistribution
  • Flexible, open-ended design
  • Efficient searches (exact and best match, general and per-protocol), adds, replacements, and deletions

Route Maps

The BlackHawk Route Map source code product (BH-RMAP) is an adjunct to the route table (BH-RTAB) which provides a collection of match/set primitives that can be combined and built into an extremely flexible customizable route redistribution scheme.

End users can create logical filters by tying together an ordered series of one or more groups of match/set primitives into a named route map; these route maps may then be assigned for use in the process of route redistribution from any protocol to another.

The match primitives allow one to test multiple route characteristics using operations such as "==, !=, <, <=, >, >=" and make a permit/deny determination if a match is successful. The set primitives allow one to optionally alter one or more route characteristics as they pass through the filter. The engine is open-ended and new route characteristics can be added with minimal effort.

BH-RMAP Highlights:

  • Flexible end-user customizable route filters (route maps)
  • Assigned to route distribution from one protocol to another
  • Primitives may be combined into larger groups and ordered series of numbered groups to create complex behavior
  • Match on multiple route characteristics using "==, !=, <, <=, >, >=" rules
  • Set primitives allow for alteration of multiple route characteristics
  • Engine may be easily extended

The BH-RTAB/BH-RMAP product includes includes the source code, software license, documentation and technical support. Maintenance and subscription services are also available.

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